What Time is it?- Saat Kaç


At New York Union Square a girl is waiting for her friend. A boy tries to find his girlfriend around a groupe who gathering sign against “Irak War”. None of them reach their hopes.

The boy by askind the time tries to find a way to have a connection with the girl who gets very angry about her friend. They become friends. One day when girl waits for this guy another boy comes and like him asks the time. The girl goes with new guy… everything repeats like  begining of the film but with some unknown details…

16:9, Cinemascope, Color, Stereo Sound Duration:

Written and Directed by

Faysal Soysal


Feyyaz Duman

Betül Alganatay


Director of Photography

Barış Günal


Edited by

Faysal Soysal


Haris Karlin

Sound Design

Caner Özgül

Music: J.S Bach, Andante, BWV 1049


Produced by

Faysal Soysal


Festival Screenings:

2.Beylikdüzü Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali (Turkey / 2008),

20. Uluslararası İstanbul Film Festivali,

6. Pam Çevre Kısa Filmleri Festivali (Turkey / 2008),

Boston Turkish Film Festival (Us / 2008),

Crossroad Intercultural Film Festival (Turkey / 2008),

Ifsak İstanbul Film Festivali (Turkey / 2008),

Middle East Technical Univercity Short Film Fest. (Ankara/Turkey / 2008),

New York Turkish Film Festival (US / 2008),

Tahran Fajr Film Festivali (2009)


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