Rock, Paper, Scissors

Name of the film: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Producer: Gamze Oto


Director: Gamze Oto


Director: Erhan Avcı


Director: Güçlü Aydoğdu

Writer: Gamze Oto

Cast: Anıl Berke Karakoç Fatih Moral Tutku Gül

Director of Photography: Erhan Avcı

Editor: Dev Karınca

Art Director: Güneş Uydaş

Sound: Ufuk Önen

Music: Anonym

Duration: 18’:30’’

Language: No dialogue


Log Line: A family in despair on the border of a city and realities that cannot be shared…

A family of three people lives in a slum district. Child is a weak willed person selling battery chargers at traffic jam and aware of the conditions and injustice he is into. He owns a ritual to smooth away his anger by dropping stones into the water he is collecting from the streets.  Dad is a paper collector and a thinner addict while conditions and exclusion he is exposed to in streets made him accept of his misery. Mother, having become numb with unhappiness of her life lived in a small house, is a woman faces a dilemma since she is pregnant. While she has hatred against life she has been living, her will not to bring another child to life stays prominent.

The film deals with one day of each character from the aspect of three different views.


Festival de Cine de Lanzarote “World Premiere” // Spain // 4 April 2014

Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Corner // France // 13 May 2015

Sardinia Film Festival // Italy // 26 June 2015

International Euro Film Festival // Spain // 1 July 2015

Bengaluru International Short Film Festival // India // 30 August 2015

Balkan Film and Food Festival // Albania // 14 September 2015

Manaki Brothers Festival Bitola // Republic of Macedonia // 18 September 2015

Byron Bay International Film Festival // Australia // 14 October 2015

“Best Foreign Film”
Whatashort India International Film Festival // India // 15 November 2015

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