Rules and Regulations

Participants declare upon submission that they are the sole owners of all the rights  – this includes the use rights of the music.
The participants are explicitly obliged to ensure that the submitted content does not violate criminal provisions, copyrights, competition law, youth protection law, trademark law and other commercial property rights as well as the personal rights of third parties.
The submitter ensures that they are either the sole owner of all copyrights, use rights, exploitation rights and other protective rights for the submitted works or can prove the consent of the rights’ owners that they were waived Temporally and spatially to an unlimited degree and passed on to the submitter. This applies to the use of all of the material.

The films, including the associated copyrights, remain the submitters’ property. The organizer is granted a temporally unlimited but not exclusive right of use and alteration. The right to use includes all activities in the context of the project and public relations work. This also includes digital reproduction and internal transmission of the submitted data and uploading the films on internet platforms.

As part of the promotion and communication of the competition and all subsequent use, the is permitted to show the film, to publish the names, curriculum vitae, accompanying texts, websites and photographs of the entrants free of charge in printed media, electronic press, on the internet and in other public media.

The has the right to convert the films into different technical formats as far as this is necessary due to the technical development or the requirements of playback equipment on the internet.

The entrant grants the the right to transfer the publication and copying rights described herein also to third parties who will ensure that films are shown on the internet. Presentations of the films will be offered only as a nonprofit artistic project. At events beyond the regular cinema services the films may be offered as art in public space at nonprofit events for which no admission is charged.

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