About us

Future of Cinema lies in short films…..

We live in the technology age. It is in every aspect of every day life. It is fair to suggest that short films captured and watched on mobile devices will affect the future of Cinema.

As individualities expand, It is getting difficult to find personal preferences on traditional means of mediums such as TVs, blockbusters, etc..

We are online! With our smart telephones and tablets, on public transports, cafes and restaurants, even on the beach. Internet allows us access to storytellers with different perspectives and interests.

We also make films that tell our stories, we question and explain ourselves and the world through these films. While we, at shortbyshort.com, are on our own journey, we also wish to provide a medium where you can share your own unique stories.

We believe that the future master filmmaker will not be discovered in a festival but he or she will create his or her own voice on line for millions to see and follow.

In that case, would you like us to open the world for you and let you connect to your own viewers?

How are we going to do it? 

Every month, we will have special guests with their own preference list.

Sometimes we will host filmmakers who started their career in short films and listen to their stories.

We will get Master Reviewers to view your films to provide constructive criticisms and suggestions for a better roadmap for your personal success.

To help you navigate the busy and complex world of cinema, we will follow film festivals and pass onto you the latest developments and trends. We will be in national and internationals festivals to keep you informed.

We will have special consultants to help you with difficulties you may face making your films and try to find solutions as a team.

All you have to do, become a member and upload your film for free…



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